Everything to know about electric cars for sale in san Diego

Everything to know about electric cars for sale in san Diego

Many people who have to travel daily to and from work or school find the trip a source of stress. Driving long distances every day is inconvenient and expensive due to the growing cost of gasoline and the environmental effect of carbon emissions through automobiles. For regular commuters, electric and hybrid cars provide a workable option. Here are a few arguments in favor of moving to an electric car courtesy of electric cars for sale in san diego.

The use of environmentally friendly car technologies is growing in popularity. The yearly growth in hybrid car sales in the United States was 38.2%, as the Argonne National Library reported. On top of that, during that period, overall sales of PHEVs and BEVs in the US increased by 45.9%. Research and Markets predict that by 2030, 48 percent of all newly purchased automobiles will be electric cars. Switching to an electric car is a step in the right direction.

Latest changes in electric vehicles:

Over the last 12 months, the price of gasoline has risen dramatically. In October 2021, the national average gas price was the highest it has been since 2014, according to the AAA.

In terms of MPG, electric cars outperform their gas-powered counterparts. The top 10 fuel-efficient cars ranked by the U.S. Department of Energy are all battery-operated automobiles. Getting a combination EPA city/highway figure of 131 mpg is the 2022 Lucid Air G Touring AWD on 19-inch wheels. In contrast, the EPA estimates that the 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid will get 52 mpg in combined city/highway driving, while the center form, the automatic 2020 Toyota Corolla, will achieve 34 mpg.

electric cars for sale in san diego

Things to know about electric cars:

In 2019, the transportation sector was the United States’ top source of carbon emissions. If you’re concerned about climate change, consider switching to an electric vehicle.

Greenhouse gas emissions from the life cycle of registered electric vehicle batteries are already 60-68% lower than those of conventional gas-powered vehicles in the United States, according to a white paper published by the International Council for Clean Transportation in 2021. Hybrid electric vehicles produce 20% fewer emissions than gas-powered automobiles, while connector hybrid electric vehicles produce 42-46% fewer.


Electric vehicles have quicker acceleration due to their lower weight than gas-powered vehicles. Electric cars, according to Consumer Reports, “provide power from an immediate stop,” run quietly and smoothly, “glide easily,” and handle well. Together, these improvements make for a more efficient and enjoyable automobile.

As a result of all these positive aspects, you should consider test driving an electric vehicle and switching from a gas-powered vehicle to one that runs on electricity the next time you go car shopping.

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